Frequently asked questions:

All my flowers are ARTIFCIAL.

How does booking work?

I accept a non refundable deposit of £50 at the time of booking. A monthly payment plan can be set up with no additional charges. Full payment must be made 8 weeks before your required/chosen date. Other options are available i will try to suit all.


How is payment taken?

Payment can be taken on my website www.dedicatedtodetailltd.co.uk

Add your required items to the basket then follow card payment details or Paypal.

Business bank transfer is also available if required.

How long will it take for my items to be made?

I run my business on an 8 week turn around time. This will ensure there is enough time to order in you supplies required, make the items with care and detail and dispatch.

If you require your items before this time please message me to discuss as I will try my very best to slot you in.


Am I updated once my order is placed?

I will always send you photos throughout the process to keep you updated. The reason I do this is I know how exciting these times can be but mainly so you know what products you are receiving. For instance if multiple items are ordered I will always make 1 of the items, send you a photo, wait for feedback then continue to make the remaining products or alter what is required. Item style can not be changed once has happened.


Are returns accepted?

Unfortunately returns are not accept for the reason listed above. Photos are send throughout and before dispatch to ensure your items are exactly how you require them. Photos you are sent are the items you will receive.


Can I change the colours?

Yes a wide range of colours are available in a multiple of shades also. Happy to send photos and discuss.


Can I have a sample sent?

Sample loose flowers can be sent for a small price so colour and quality can be seen in person. Postage must be covered.


Can I change my items?

I will keep you updated throughout the process. When I am ordering in your supplies etc. Once you have been notified about this items can not be reduced as supplies would have be ordered for your products. Products can however be added.

I take great care in producing good quality products and will work with you throughout,


I will try my very best to suit all budgets, altering the sizing while still using good quality products.

Any more questions please ask, would love to help.

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